4th Sector Solutions



4th Sector Solutions’ founder Joe Keeney has 20 years of experience working in the charter school community. Prior to founding 4SS, Joe was president of a national network of public charter schools, where he helped open and operate over 50 schools serving 30,000 students in 14 states. Joe has likely attended more charter school board meetings over the past 20 years than anyone in the country.

Our first two clients in 2007 – Harlem Village Academies in NYC and Friendship Public Charter School in Washington, DC – ten years later have grown to become high-performing networks serving thousands of students, while continuing to maintain their strong relationship with 4th Sector.

Through its Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and New York offices, 4SS provides shared services including financial management and reporting, human resource, school operations management, data compliance and/or foodservice administration services to dozens of schools and non-profit organizations. 4SS’s reputation throughout the charter school and non-profit community is one of financial and operational excellence, providing an outstanding financial performance compliance record for its client organizations. Its team of 20+ staff has experts in each functional area – finance and accounting, operations, human resources, and foodservice program support.


4SS has presented on charter school finance and operations excellence at many state and national charter school conferences. Joe Keeney’s presentations at National Charter Schools Conferences have included:

  • What’s Going on in Charter School Financing?
  • Charter School Real Estate Finance for Dummies.
  • Outsourced Business Management Services: When, Where & How?
  • The Critical Role of the Charter School Board Treasurer and Finance Committee, and the Top Ten Financial Management Mistakes to Avoid.
  • The Biggest Decisions You Will Ever Make.
  • Rural Charter Schools: Unique Challenges, Unique Opportunities.

In 2010 Joe Keeney was selected by the U.S. Department of Education as a peer reviewer for the $4.35 billion Race to the Top competition because of his charter school knowledge and experience. Joe was also selected as a member of the initial cohort of mentors in the Leadership for Educational Entrepreneurs program at Arizona State University.

Joe Keeney wrote a two-part article on How to Achieve a High-Performing Back Office published in the online magazine Charter Schools Insider. Joe has also written several articles for the American Enterprise Institute, including “Venture Capital: Looking Outside the Education Sector,” in a series published by Harvard University Press.

4th Sector Solutions created Charter School Tools (www.charterschooltools.org), the leading online resource for charter school operators. Charter School Tools was launched by 4SS in 2009 as a way to facilitate the sharing of best practice for charter school operators by providing documents and tools that support charter school operations – saving charter school founders, leaders, and business managers countless hours not having to “re-create the wheel”


4th Sector Solutions was founded on the principles of (i) flexibility – tailoring its services to the unique needs of individual charter schools, charter management organizations (CMOs), and non-profit organizations, and (ii) capacity building – building its clients’ capacity to self-perform the services it provides as they evolve.