4th Sector Solutions seeks
Talented Professionals
Who share our commitment to social enterprise.
Open Positions
4th Sector is always seeking talented finance, human resource, school operations, and data management professionals. Our best candidates are “tri-sector athletes” who understand how the private, public and non-profit sectors intersect. Joining our team will provide you with an opportunity to do use your talents in the highest and best way, by serving multiple clients and becoming an expert in your field. If you are interested in making a difference, send your resume and a brief cover letter to use at info@4thsectorsolutions.com.
Louisiana and New York
Louisiana and New York
Contact info@4thsectorsolutions.com

4th Sector Solutions provides shared services, including financial management and reporting, operations, startup, human resources management and food service administration, to charter schools and educational nonprofits currently operating in Louisiana, New York, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia and Texas.