4th Sector Solutions


Financial Management

  • Comprehensive accounting, financial management and reporting services for leadership teams, boards and finance committees, authorizers, regulators, and grantors.
  • Clear performance dashboards and custom analytics.
  • Ensure best practices from dozens of similar organizations are implemented.
  • Independence reduces risk of mismanagement and fraud.
  • Redundancy in people and processes ensures that your institutional knowledge does not walk out the door with your CFO or business manager.
  • Maximize grant revenue and don’t leave grant money on the table.
  • Costs less than full-time staff.
  • Flexible structuring based on individual client needs.

Human Resources

  • Ideal for organizations that cannot afford or prefer not to have a full-time HR staff or team.
  • Provide the right level of HR support – not too little, not too much.
  • Recruiting support so you can focus on talent, not paperwork.
  • On-boarding and off-boarding support based on best practices reduces legal risk.
  • Benefits and payroll administration.
  • User-friendly HRIS option.


  • Ensure best practices in contracting for and managing third-party services including:
    • Custodial
    • Maintenance
    • Groundskeeping
    • Security
    • School Transportation Safety Audits – also see 4th Sector Transportation
    • Insurance and risk management
    • Foodservice – also see School Food Solutions
  • School front office training and support.
  • Stop the biggest losses from operations failure: disenrollment related to parent or student dissatisfaction. The average student represents lifetime revenue of $50K-$100K!

Data & Compliance Reporting

  • State and authorizer reporting requirements are becoming too complicated for generalists.
  • Ensure best practices from dozens of similar organizations are implemented by a team that specializes in data.
  • Centralized reporting calendar ensures reporting deadlines are met.
  • Student Information System (SIS) agnostic.
  • Performance dashboards and analytics aligned with authorizer measures.

Facility Financing

Charter school facility development and financing is a challenge because architects, contractors, developers, and lenders do this for a living every day, and your charter school is probably only doing it once. So they can easily take advantage of the charter school and structure the arrangement to suit their needs more than yours. We have 20+ years of experience, 50+ projects, and $300+ million of experience helping charter schools design, develop and finance high-quality, cost-effective facilities without getting taken advantage of.

Application Support

  • Create budget aligned with founder’s vision and best practices.
  • Review and edit application narrative.
  • Lead interview prep and mock interviews.
  • Our team has supported 100+ successful applications.