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“Joe Keeney was instrumental in the launch of Friendship Public Charter School back in 1997, and since then he and the 4th Sector team have consistently been trusted partners supporting our financial, facility, operational and strategic initiatives.”

“I am consistently impressed with the quality of 4th Sector’s work on so many levels. They are among the very smartest, nicest, and most talented individuals with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working.”

– Deborah Kenny, Founder and CEO of Harlem Village Academies, Author of Born to Rise.

“Without 4th Sector, there might not even be a Beekman Charter School.”

– Roy McCoy, founding principal, Beekman Charter School, a Type 3 conversion charter school in Bastrop, LA

“Joe’s sense of mission bridges across the complex educational, operational, and financial challenges of making charter schools work for children.”

– Chris Whittle, Founder, Edison Schools and Avenues: The World School